FBI Expert

The Boston Tragedy

The absence of a better timed device aimed at a time when the crowd might be the largest suggests something less sophisticated that a state sponsored terror organization.

Anyone tasked with the responsibility of doing “research” for a sophisticated terror group—wanting to execute a bombing attack—should know individuals wanting to run the Boston marathon need a 3-hour qualifying time in another race just to get into the event.

When the bombs went off, a little more than 4-hours and 9-minutes into the race, more than 3/4s of the race’s participants had already been processed through the finishing line leaving the race for their respective hotel rooms. The winner and some of the marathon’s best runners, along with many in the crowd, had already left the race by approximately 1 3/4-hours.

Looking at video clips when the bomb went off only stragglers and charity runners can be seen heading towards the finishing line.

While some reports indicate similar bombs have been used, e.g. pressure cookers packed with low grade explosives and small metal shards in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, suggesting an international connection. The lack of any terror group claiming responsibility and the absence of information from NSA or other intelligence agencies indicating heavy radio traffic “overseas,” e.g. telephone and email traffic between known terror suspects, suggests an unsophisticated person and/or persons “not” on the FBI’s radar list versus a known terror organization.

True, maybe authorities are keeping the “overseas” radio traffic secret, but in the past this information has found its way into the public forum.

Lastly, “not” striking one of Boston’s “iconic” landmarks or some other Government building—lacking a public statement claiming responsibility—the writer thinks authorities are more likely looking for a “homegrown” angry lone wolf or wolfs versus someone associated with either a right wing hate group or a state sponsored organization. Either way, when the identity of the bomber becomes known, while Bostonians most certainly will be amazed, they won’t be surprised.