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FBI and Boston’s Police – Heroes Everyone!

Taking their streets back, Bostonians were overjoyed learning the wounded TSARNAEV was apprehended and still alive.  Found hiding in a boat, wintering in a backyard, FBI negotiators skillfully coaxed DZHOKHAR out from underneath his lair having been concealed by a blue tarp which kept him secreted from investigators, but not the thermal imaging helicopter seen circling above when police made their arrest.  Bloodied from the previous night’s gunfight, photographs suggest he was no match for police SWAT teams when agents finally took him into custody.  But it was “not” clear whether he had a gun and/or tried to use the weapon prior to his surrender and being taken into custody.  Conflicting police reports suggested he had a weapon, but the overwhelming police support suggested

Of course, questions still linger concerning leaks in the investigation and whether the FBI did its job, since reporters said agents told Russian intelligence officials TEMERLAN TSARNAEV was “not” a threat following an interview.  And during the night’s rampage, one policeman was killed and several more were wounded as police traded gunfire with both TSARNAEVs before TEMERLAN was felled by police bullets and later run over by DZHOKHAR–fleeing in a stolen car.  Seen throughout the day searching backyards and various houses, responding police were both considerate and professional, telling Watertown residents to remain inside unless instructed to open a front door by a uniformed officer–looking for evidence the younger TSARNAEV might still be in the area.

Reporters said Bostonians everywhere were seen celebrating in the streets, having been on edge since Monday when the bombings occurred, with some cops observed obviously enjoying a brief moment in the sun.  Congratulating authorities, journalists credited police with apprehending the younger TSARNAEV before anyone else was hurt and one official said he was told DZHOKHAR had a gun when he was captured.

True questions remain concerning whether the nation’s intelligence agencies shared appropriate information and whether the TSARNAEVs should have been on the Bureau’s active radar screen given the fact Russian intelligence alerted officials TEMERLAN might be involved in terrorist activity, but Monday morning is soon enough for the troubling questions and any subsequent review.

Today, lets just tell police and agents they did a great job and be thankful no one else was hurt.