FBI Expert

Bostonians Need To See the Photographs!

Sacramento, California

Told law enforcement officials made “significant” gains journalists everywhere sought to learn crucial details … and the drumroll began.  CNN reported one official said agents discovered an important video commenting police had an image–a “good image.”

And Bostonians waited.

Reporters said investigators had a person of interest and some were “privy” to a photograph, but inexplicably Bostonians were left dangling–no one let them see the photograph.  Then a news flash … an arrest had been made … and authorities were scheduling a press conference.

At the news briefing everyone thought authorities would disclose important details concerning the arrest.  And Bostonians everywhere thought they’d learn the bomber’s identity, but the briefing and the arrest had nothing to do with each other. Realizing officials had created a problem, the FBI and the Justice Department denied authorities had arrested anyone, but the damage was done–people everywhere expected information.

Asking about the person of interest, journalists learned authorities had in fact two images–both persons’ of interest.  But instead of releasing photographs, law enforcement officials canceled their briefing–providing “no” details–leaving Bostonians “gulping” for information.  Everyone had expected to see the photographs.

And why not release the photographs. Minus trying to bring criminal charges, make an arrest or execute search warrants–all requiring operational secrecy–authorities should understand Bostonians can identify the suspects, but they need the photographs to help.